We offer a variety of programs for international visitors to explore and discover the essence of traditional Japanese culture.Our programs are conducted by qualified instructors for an authentic Kyoto experience.Please contact us by E-mail →info@k-culture-n.com Please make a reservation 3 days before as we need to order necessary materials in advance.


In a cha-shitsu, tea room, get a taste of real Japan as a guest of sado.A tea master is ready and waiting to serve you.
Experience Kyoto and Japan by wearing beautiful Kimonos. Why not have your picture taken whilst enjoying a tea ceremony?

【Kimono Experience & Sado Experience at Kyoto Machiya Chionsha】

■PRICE JPY 10,000/per Person (From 2 up to 10 persons) excluding tax
■Approximate time about 1.5 hours
■Set time 1st session 11:00- 12:30 2nd session13:00-14:30
■Plan Details and Schedule
Wearing Kimno at Chionsha (about 30min per person)

Experience the tea ceremony

Free time(wearing kimono)Please enjoy taking photo by yourself.



Please make a reservation 3days before as we need to oder necessary materials in advance.

Washoku(Japanese cuisine)日本料理

Have fun cooking a variety of washoku dishes. We can accommodate for a wide range of particular diets and tastes such as vegetarian and Halal.
★Please contact us by E-mail →info@k-culture-n.com

Shodo (calligraphy)書道

Have a hands-on experience with shodo where you can learn how to write your favorite Japanese characters and make your own shikishi, a Japanese congratulatory card,as a souvenir.

Kado (flower arrangement)華道

IIkebana is the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers for display. Are you ready to create your very own masterpiece?

Origami おりがみ

The charm of origami, folded paper, is the unlimited possibilities that comes from a square sheet of paper. Learn how to make intricate objects with step-by-step instructions.

Home Visit Program
Would you like to experience authentic Japanese cuisine at a local Kyoto residence?

海外から来られた方々に ほんまもんの京の食文化や京ことばに触れていただけます。

With a special host, enjoy a home-cooked lunch and talk with Kyoto locals.


Learn how to make common Japanese dishes with a special host and share your home-cooked lunch with Kyoto locals.